About the Preservation Trust

Fairlight Preservation Trust

The Preservation Trust is a Charitable Trust established in 2004 and registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales, under number 1107169. The Trust was preceded by the Fairlight Coastal Preservation Association, formed in 1985.

The Objectives of the Trust

  1. The preservation of human life and property by procuring the provision of coastal defences in order to protect Fairlight Cove and surrounding areas from coastal erosion and/or landslip.
  2. To promote the conservation, protection and improvement of the flora and fauna of Fairlight Cove and surrounding areas.

Fairlight Preservation Trust Newsletters

FPT Press Release November 2016

Rother/EKEP/Mackley October 2016

Rother/EKEP/Mackley August 2016

FPT August 2016

FPT April 2016

The berm is completed on 11th November. The landing craft removes the equipment.

19th October – Almost there – the gap is closed

7th October – the berm is nearly there

26th & 30th September - The berm nears completion

9th September - Construction of new berm continues

1st September - Sea deliveries stop and work continues at each end of the new berm

Deliveries continue over Bank Holiday weekend - 27th August 2016

The first full day of work on the ground - 24th August 2016

The work continues as the plant is delivered by sea - 23rd August 2016

Work on the 3rd berm commences - 17th to 19th August 2016



Images of Rockmead Road berm under construction – 2007

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