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Meets every third Tuesday of the month at 2.15pm

At Fairlight Village Hall

Tuesday Ladies Club was formed in January 2010 following the closure of Fairlight W.I.

Our aim is to entertain and provide a base to meet people and make new friends. The subjects of the meetings are a mixed bag and there should be something for everybody to enjoy.

Certain subsidised events will only be available to fully paid up members so it is worthwhile to become a member (£18/year). An admission charge of £2 is made for visitors and men are very welcome to attend our meetings.

The Leader is Val King 814753 and the Secretary Shirley Gilbert 813441.


Programme for 2017/2018

Nov 7th - Outing

Nov 21st - Ken Brooks, "Beside the Seaside"

Dec 19th - Christmas Tea

Jan 16th - Review of 2017 + Estate Planning

Feb 20th - Harry Pope, How not to run a Hotel

Mar 20th - Hearing Dogs

Apr 17th - Graham Albon - Nakasendo Trail

May 15th - Bob Ogley - Biggin on the Bump

Jun 19th - William Joyce - Astronomy

Jun 26th - Outing

Jul 17th - Michael Plumb - Bits of Hastings we never notice

Aug 21st - Summer Lunch (12:30 for 1pm)

Sep 18th - Ray Bloomfield - Alzheimer's

Oct 16th - Delia Taylor - The Roaring Twenties

Nov 6th - Outing

Nov 20th - Debbie Dam - Christmas Flower Arranging

Dec 18th - Christmas Tea  

Further details will be published before each meeting

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