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19th January 2017                                                                                                                                     


To all Members of Fairlight Parish Council, County and District Councillors

Copies to parish notice boards.


Dear Councillors,




You are summoned to attend the above Parish Council meeting where the following business will be considered.

Signed Mrs A Evett

Parish Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer


Agenda for Parish Council Meeting Tuesday 24th January 2017


1.      Apologies for absence


2.      Code of Conduct and Disclosures of Interests:  To receive any disclosures by members, of personal or

prejudicial interest in matters on the agenda


3.      Minutes of the Meeting of Tuesday 22nd November 2016.

(a) To note and correct any matters of inaccuracy

(b) To approve the minutes and the Chairman to sign as an accurate record


4.      Matters arising from the Minutes not otherwise on the Agenda


5.      Financial Matters

(a)   Approval and payment of accounts.

(b)   Draft budget for 2017/18. The Clerk seeks approval of the draft budget and authority to apply for the agreed precept from Rother District Council.

(c)    To authorise the Clerk to arrange for maintenance (painting) of the Fairlight Village sign.


6.      Update on councillor vacancy.

Following the notice of a casual vacancy Rother District Council has not received a request to hold an election. The Clerk will therefore continue to advertise the vacancy locally.


7.      Highways and Transport Matters Report

(a)   To receive a report from Cllr Reverend Gibbs as follows: our local roads are a disgrace with many more potholes appearing on an almost daily basis.  Battery Hill is especially bad near the church and Waites Lane is an accident waiting to happen. I appeal to ESCC to put essential repairs in hand a.s.a.p.   The tarmac work in Knowle Rd is yet to be finished properly, there is still tarmac over the grass in places, I hope the contractors will be back on site soon to rectify the problems and I sincerely hope that they have not been paid yet for the very shoddy work they have done.


8.      A Lighter Fairlight update.

To receive a report from Cllr Reverend Gibbs as follows:

The judges and I were very pleased and impressed with the amount of effort that people went to with their displays of lights. Worthy winners were Mr &Mrs Woolven of Lower Waites Lane and their prize will go to a favourite dog charity. Close runners up were 35 Smugglers Way, Firecrest, Gorsethorn Way and the whole of Knowle Rd.

It was a delight to go around the whole of Fairlight judging the light displays.  Well done everyone and thank you.


9.      Bexhill Community Governance Review.

Please see attached – residents are encouraged to take part in the consultation process and members are asked to consider submitting comments on behalf of the Parish Council. Deadline for comments is the 31st March 2017.


10.  Emergency Plan.

(a)   To receive a verbal update from Cllr Mrs Annetts.


11.  Planning.

(a)      To receive the monthly report from Cllr Leadbetter (attached)

(b)      To receive an update on Neighbourhood Planning (attached.)


12.  Land Management.

(a)          To receive the monthly report from Cllr King (verbal)

(b)      To receive an update on Knowle Wood from Cllr Thatcher (verbal) and to note the report on the recent Knowle Wood Survey is on the Fairlight Website (general discussions.)

(c)      Update on Woodland Way Twitten.


13.  Country Park and Firehills

(a)   To receive a report from Cllr Mrs Gallagher and note the emails dated the 6th and 16th January 2017 about the new visitor centre and the replacement of ancient hedgerow in Hastings County Park.


14.  County and District Councillors Reports - verbal


15.  Information and/or Future Agenda Items


16.  Correspondence


17.  Staffing Matters – to take in a confidential session following the open meeting in accordance with standing orders.


Open Forum please note that this will be limited to fifteen minutes to allow time for the confidential session.


18.  Close of Meeting


19.  Date of Next Meeting – Tuesday 28th February 2017 - 7.00 pm at Fairlight Village Hall

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