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Dear All,
How very sad to see the washed-up creature. It may even be a shark from the looks of the photo. It is important to report all strandings of living or dead cetaceans to the Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme - a government body. I have reported it just now and here are the details from their website for your information.

If the animal is dead

If you think the whale or dolphin is dead call the hotline and let them know where you found the animal. To avoid disease, don’t have any contact with the dead animal without the right protective clothing, eg thick rubber gloves.

If the animal is alive

Call the hotline immediately.

CSIP stranded whale or dolphin hotline 
0800 652 0333 
Give as much information as possible about the animal’s location and condition to the CSIP.

It’s important to take care when near a stranded dolphin or whale, as the tail is powerful and can cause injury. Gloves should also be worn when handling a living or dead animal.

Best wishes,

Madeleine Orchard

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