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Dear Resident,
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Trevor Lewing

on behalf of Fairlight Residents Association.
The Knoll
Rockmead Road
01424 812340

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From: Jennifer Deering <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

Dear Fairlight Residents Association,


I am the Project Officer for the East Sussex Health Walks, and l was recently approached by a local resident to set up a Health Walk, aimed at providing a regular opportunity for Fairlight residents to meet up and go for a gentle one hour walk with a friendly and supportive group. Health Walks are part of the broader national Walking for Health scheme, which you can read a little bit more about here:


We ran a taster walk on Monday 6th March, which went very well and we are now in a position to offer a Health Walk on the first and third Monday of every month. I have attached a poster to this e-mail (with the dates of the next walks on it) and would be very greatful if you could send it out via your residents email scheme.


All of our Health Walks are led by Volunter Health Walk Leaders who are trained to the standards set out by the Walking for Health Scheme. As the walks are led by volunteers, there is no need to worry about plotting a route as this, along with risk assessments, will have all been carried out beforehand. We aim to ensure that all of our walks are as safe, supportive and friendly as possible, so that participants can just relax and enjoy a good chat with all the other walkers on route. Stiles are avoided as much as possible - though this is definitely a challenge in the Fairlight area!


As we recruit more volunteers to the Fairlight Health Walk, we will then extend the walks onto a weekly basis. We also aim to have a chance for a cuppa and a chat at the end of the walk, and are currently looking into how we can provide a suitable venue for this.


I hope you can help to promote this walk, and would also be grateful if the Residents Association could promote an opportunity for free Volunteer Health Walk Leader training in the coming months?


Many thanks and best wishes



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