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Dear Group Representative,


Fairlight churches are looking to create an email list of village residents who would like to receive information about church activities.  This could be services on Sundays, events taking place during the week, community events and fund raising for church or charity eg the forthcoming Christian Aid week, and May Fun Day.


The Fairlight Residents’ Association has a policy of only sending out emails that are ‘non-political’ and ‘non-religious’ so we need to find another way of connecting with residents who would also like to hear from our churches.  With this in mind we are asking for an email address of someone in your group who would be willing to pass on the information to others.  If more members wish to give their email addresses for direct contact, they can also do this.


Please send email addresses to:


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  indicating your agreement to receive emails from us.


Thank you for your help.


St Andrew’s and St Peter’s Church members


01424 812799

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