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As you may know Parkurst Cricket Club is moving to Fairlight. If you have been near the ground you will have seen the polite notices to keep off the square so please read on to find out more. The reasons for the move are numerous, but the great thing is that cricket is returning to the village.

Fairlight has long had a tradition of a village side. Sadly this folded a few years ago but if you ask people who played at the ground they speak of it with affection, especially those who had the skill (or luck) to tickle the ball down the hill for an easy four.

So what has this got to do with me I hear you ask?  The thing is, although cricket might appear to be 24 people standing around not really doing much – actually there’s a whole community activity going on behind the scenes!  Like the graceful swan gliding along the top of the water, underneath and hidden from view legs are going ten to the dozen! The pitch has to be prepared, the ground looked after, fixtures arranged, funds raised and, let’s face it, finding eleven people who want to play can be a struggle on a sunny weekend with family and work commitments.

We are looking to the community for people who want to get involved and this falls into three groups.

1.       People with gardening skills to help at the ground. The club already have a few people who want to build up the old ground but as with a all these activities the more the merrier. Many hands make light work!  And getting out and working with people is very rewarding.

2.       People who would like to try cricket out. There’s no point in preparing a pitch if you have no one to play on it. Our aim is to have coaching sessions for whoever would like to take part. You see cricket is not just a male or older person’s activity. Cricket is for everyone. Anyone who listens to the Archers will know that club cricket is struggling to find participants and only mad people would try to revive a closed cricket club! We would like to bring on the youth, both male and female, after all that is the future of the game.

3.       And then there is the cricket tea. Many hours are spent discussing cricket tea. It involves sandwiches and cake and tea but can be the jewel in the crown of an afternoon’s cricket.  For some it’s the sole reason for spending most of the day standing around, occasionally running, but mostly standing around looking as if you are discussing something really important.

So to recap.  We are looking for men and women of all ages who want to get involved in this mad cap scheme to get cricket returned to Fairlight. We want to share that wonderful view from the ground with others while getting a bit fitter and sharing time with other like minded people.  You never know you might even enjoy it!

Please feel free to contact Parkhurst Cricket Club if you’re interested in getting involved / playing:

Captain – Russell Barker 07732072019

Vice Captain – Mark Sheppard 0788790875

Chairman – Richard Ahsam 07779607248

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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