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The Bluebells are now fully out, as are some wild Flowers....wood anemone/primroses scattered here and there, plus others, some minute that I don't know the names of, which are unique to Ancient Woodland, of which part of Knowle Wood is designated.  So! if you don't want to travel far to see Bluebells, or find it difficult to travel to other Woods in our neck of the County, then a pleasant walk can be had in the PC owned part of Knowle Wood.
The Bulk of the Bluebells are at the lower end of the Wood, by the fence (on both sides) dividing the Wood where we have been clearing, and there is a significant increase of them over last year.

Plenty of Bluebells to be seen either side of the footpath behind Woodland Way, which can be accessed via the Twitten in Woodland way, or via the corner of the Kids playground. 

I know there has been concern by a handful of people over what we have been doing Re' clearance of highly invasive Bramble and Holly, but what we have done so far has opened up the Wood, which hopefully will regenerate, and encourage wildlife and even more wild plants to flourish. 

We are not "totally" clearing all the Brambles, and are leaving areas to run wild, which encourages Birds to nest etc.
Although anyone  can walk where they like in (our) part of Knowle Wood, it would be appreciated to keep to the footpaths, the old, and newly established ones we have created in the last two years, both are highly visible, to avoid trampling the wild flowers, and Bluebells. Some areas we have lined with large branches to highlight them.........Enjoy!

Cllr Dave Thatcher

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