Fairlight Walking

Adventures for the Making

Opportunities Galore

We have some of the finest opportunities for walking in the Sounth of England right on our doorstep. I am hoping that these new web pages can help you make the most of those opportunities and perhaps encourage you to explore a little further.


Fairlight Walking is not about the Fairlight Health Walks. The Fairlight Health Walks are entirely separate and you can view more information on them by clicking the Health Walks link.

Equally Fairlight Walking is not about the Ramblers Association or any Ramblers Association Group. Fairlight Walking does not compete with The Ramblers - there is a local group who have Group Walks with a Leader in the local area on specific days. More information about the Ramblers can be found here: The Ramblers Association.

Fairlight Walking is for Residents wishing to organise their own walks when they want to go walking.

The Firehills and Hastings Country Park

There is some most excellent information about walking in the Firehill and Hastings Country Park. I do not intend repeating that information here but I do provide the links you require if you click on the Country Park link


We are so lucky to have the Firehills and Hastings Country Park right on our doorstep. It is perfect for viewing wildlife, family picnics, dog walking, exercising or just looking at some of those fantastic views.

Whilst I am not encouraging anyone to drink, an afternoon with a glass of wine and good book or crossword puzzle overlooking the sea is a fine occupation indeed.

Knowle Wood

Very close, with very easy access, click on the Knowle Wood link for more details.

Local Footpaths

There are many footpaths to the North of Battery Hill and Pett Level Road. I hope to describe these to allow you to explore them with some confidence of not getting lost. Click on the Local Footpaths link.

Some Walk Suggestions

Over the next few months I want to add some suggestions for local walking, I have made a start here.

Walks Further Afield

If you get the walking bug, like I have, then you will want to walk further afield. Click on the Local Long Distance Paths link and the Other Walking Sites link for some ideas that may inspire you..

New to Walking Longer Distances?

Check out the Guide to Walking page.

Fairlight Walkers Forum

Perhaps you want to walk, you don't want to walk alone, but you have no one to walk with. There may be other Residents just like you. The intention of the Fairlight Walkers Forum is to try to put people in touch with one another in a safe manner. Click on the Walkers Forum link to find out more.