Good afternoon all, happy Friday.

Please see below the update on the water butt installations from the Pathfinder Project:

  • 846 letters sent out 
  • 352 properties made contact. (+16)
  • 322 Completed Surveys. (+44)
  • 204 Water butts installed (+42)
  • 123 Properties ‘door knocked’

Matt and Angus from Southern Water will be present in the catchment over the next few weeks carrying more network investigations and removing surface water connections from the foul network in a few Southern Water Manholes. Currently we have found three instances where there is a surface water network connection into the foul network.

Survey crews will also be present within Fairlight mapping and carrying out connectivity surveys throughout October.

If you haven’t already done so, please ask for a survey. Even if your downpipes are in a difficult position, smaller or flat water butts are coming soon, or go into a soakaway they may be suitable for this very important project. The survey and the butts cost you nothing, apart from a little bit of your time. They do, however, all help to solve Fairlight’s sewage problems no matter where you are in Fairlight.

You can email, giving your name, phone number, and address to:

You can also phone: 01903 871105 


Chris Bunch

Fairlight update