Dear residents,

I was notified by my home insurance company last week that they were not prepared to insure my property anymore after my current cover expires. Puzzled, I went online to find an alternative only to find that most of the offers were up to three times the current price.

I contacted my current insurer, and after exchanging several emails and putting a negative review up on Trustpilot because they refused to give any reason, I got a phone call from them. They found out that the majority of insurance company’s computer systems only use the first part of the postcode (TN35) when assessing the premium and for some reason TN35 now has a floodplain warning on it, hence the refusal to insure. They then manually entered my full postcode and, low and behold, a quote appeared at only ¬£4 over the current rate.

So, if you’re doing home insurance make sure your insurance company is using the full postcode, you might even find that your rate drops considerably.

RegardsChris Bunch

Home Insurance