Dear resident

Further to yesterday’s Southern Water water butt saga and all the confusion it caused, it has been found to be a total mess-up by Southern Water and should to be ignored for now.

That leaflet and the crew going round should have been in Swalecliffe not Fairlight.

In the near future another crew who will have proper identification and proper explanatory leaflets, firstly to be approved by us, will be visiting Fairlight to start again. They will be asking you if you’d like to have these special water butts or have your existing ones modified. There will be no cost for having this done.

We will let you know in advance when this is going to happen so that you won’t think it’s some sort of scam.

Southern Water have asked us to pass on their apologies for all the confusion caused. 


Lower Waites Lane – Fairlight Cove – Maintenance Association

Southern Water water butts program