Sorry the previous e mail contained a couple of errors.
There is of course no 2b Knowle Road
The highly commended went to 2b Waites Lane.

I blame it on the Christmas spirit!!!! 

Here is the correct version

Many congratulations to everyone who has put Christmas decorations up in their front gardens this year.
We enjoyed going round the village both in daylight and at night to see them all. There were the traditional, the modern and the quirky. It all helps to make the village look festive and bring smiles to peoples faces.
It was difficult to choose “winners” but we did

Highly commended and enjoyed were   
   2b Waites Road that welcomes us to the village day and night
   44 Knowle Road, a wonder in white
   27 Lower Waites Lane , difficult to see at first but well done
   The ‘Elves’ on Hill road, a very clever use of posts

The winner is
   27 Woodland Way, stunning both day and night
The runner up is
   8 Knowle Road  stunning with a new twist

Knowle Road takes the commendation for the best road, well worth a walk down

Fairlight Christmas Decorations – Correction