Hello Fairlight,

Wow, you certainly rose to the occasion. We have been overwhelmed with jumble donations ready for our big sale on the 18th. Huge thanks do everyone who has donated already and further thanks to those who have pledged their time and efforts to help with the set-up, sale, clear-up and making of cakes!

Tomorrow (Thursday 9th) is the FINAL day for donations as the nursery will be CLOSED for half-term. Please DO NOT leave any donations after tomorrow as this may obstruct and inconvenience other hall users. 

Donations may be able to be accepted early Friday evening prior to the sale but please do message us on Facebook or email fairlightnurseryoffice@gmail.com to let us know to expect you. Again, please DO NOT leave unattended donations after Thursday 9th.

See you there – Saturday 18th February 

Poster attached with more details or

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Fairlight Jumble Sale 18th Feb