This month the Parish Council has been busy with various aspects of work around the village.


Warm up Fairlight has started and has been well received despite the current spell of warm weather. Anyone is welcome to join us for as long or short a time as they wish. Either just for a chat and tea and /or a light lunch on Monday or Wednesday, or for tea and a chat on Friday. 


Planning for the Fairlight Christmas Cracker which will be held on Christmas Day in the Village Hall is advancing well. Those who would like to join us for Christmas lunch will need to purchase a ticket in advance so we know how many to can cater for. The cost of Christmas lunch will be £5 per person and tickets will be on sale at the Post Office or contact Carol Sharpe on 07967 396594. The rest of the day is free and anyone is welcome to drop in at any time for a drink, cake, mince pie or a chat.


Congratulations go to LWLRMA who have managed to persuade Southern Water to include Fairlight as one of the six Pathfinder locations to look at reducing the amount of sewage overflow in the vicinity.

LWLRMA have been lobbying Southern Water for a long time and it is good to know that their efforts have borne fruit.


Thank you and well done also goes to the Knowle Wood Volunteer Working Party who have been repairing the boundary around the bomb crater and demarcating/ clearing the pathways within the Wood. All the hard work has made the Wood a safer place for those who wish to visit and enjoy it.

The Working Party will continue with necessary works throughout the winter. If anyone wishes to join them, please contact  


The Parish Council continues to endeavour to get walking football set up on Wood Field. Hastings Athletic Football Club who are using Wood Field on Saturdays for their junior matches are now working with us and we hope soon to be able to offer sessions for anyone who would like to join in.

BUDGET 2023/24 

The preparation of next year’s budget is now underway If anyone has a project(s) that they think the Parish Council should be taking into consideration for next year, then please contact Pauline Collins, Parish Council Clerk before the next Parish Council meeting. 


On a less pleasant note, there has recently been a sewage spill at the bottom of Stream Lane near Leather Waggon. When Southern water came to investigate the problem, they found that the pipe was blocked with material that should not have gone into the waste system. 

The waste system is designed only to deal with the three P’s i.e., Pee, Poo and Paper

It is also advised to be careful what is poured down the sink as fat etc. can congeal with food waste and create blockages.  All waste other than the three P’s should be put into the rubbish bin.  

Continuing on the theme of poo, it has unfortunately come to our attention that whilst the level of dog poo on Wood Field has reduced, it has not been eliminated altogether. Also, there has been an incident of poo bags full of dog poo being thrown into the undergrowth alongside a footpath. Can we remind people to dispose of the dog poo bags either in the appropriate bins provided by the Parish Council around the village or in their own domestic bins.


There have been several incidents recently in the village of suspicious activity and attempted break-ins. The Police are aware and have increased the number of patrols particularly early in the morning and late at night within the village. Graeme Gambrell is our local Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator and can be contacted in the Post Office. If you see any suspicious activity, please report it to the Police. The Police are only able to access the CCTV images if they have received a report.


Rother District Council Planning Committee is due to meet on Thursday 10th November 2022 and we understand that the Market Garden planning application for the variation of conditions will be on the agenda for consideration.  The Parish Council will be making a representation to the RDC Planning Committee to speak at this meeting and make members aware of the local issues. 


Following the success of past years, the Parish Council will again be running the Christmas Lights Competition.  Time to get those decorations and lights down from the loft and add a bit of sparkle to this dull and dreary time of year.  This year however, due to the high energy costs the Parish Council will not be expecting lavish lighting displays but please decorate your windows, doors and trees/bushes.  Councillors will be driving round the village during the day and evenings to see what different displays you have achieved.  Perhaps even Father Christmas, a snowman or festive scarecrow might appear.

First prize of £50 and second prize of £25, to go to the winners’ charities of choice.  (Please note that the same house won’t be able to win the prize for more than 2 years in a row).  Everyone is automatically eligible so no need to enter.  

Issy Horsley – Chair of Fairlight Parish Council   


Clerk to the Council: Pauline Collins 35 Waites Lane, Fairlight, Hastings
East Sussex, TN35 4AX
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