The Fairlight Player’s next production will be the Alan Ayckbourn comedy – Improbable Fiction. We will be holding auditions at 7.30pm on Thursday 12th January at Fairlight Village Hall. Here’s a bit about the play:

Apart from Ilsa, all characters are members of the Pendon Writers’ Circle, a group of aspiring writers who meet periodically to discuss their work.

Arnold – the host and chair of the group. Good natured and increasingly confused as the play unfolds.

Jess (historical romance) – a farmer. Not bad natured but somewhat course. She can be impatient and sarcastic.

Grace (children’s fiction) – Housewife. Timid and slightly pathetic, but not willing to be completely trampled upon.

Vivvi (crime fiction) – A journalist. Effusive and confident.

Clem (science-fiction) – A sci-fi nerd with only a modest grip of English grammar. Given to malapropism.

Brevis (musical) – Retired schoolteacher. Angry, annoying, argumentative.

Ilsa – A young girl (late teens/early twenties). Domestic help and carer for Arnold’s aged mother. Vivacious.

Note – although the above describes the normal character of the parts, the second half of the play includes multiple twists, causing individuals to act very out of character.
We can say no more without giving away some of the surprises. Suffice to say that this play demonstrates the vivid imagination of the writer at his anarchic best.

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