Dear Resident
By now you may have read the Preservation Trust report in the March edition of theFairlight News. If you haven’t read it yet, it is on page 20. Please may I draw yourattention to the Southern Water link to the Pathfinders Project :-
projects. This indicates that Fairlight is one of the six areas, with complex 

challenges to overcome.The Lower Waites Lane Maintenance Association has been successful in talking toSouthern Water about the excess sewerage particularly in that area. The committeeof the Fairlight Preservation Trust continues to be involved with the monitoring ofthe amount of surface water that flows through the village from the firehills all theway down to Marsham Farm treatment works. The committee is involved with themanagement of the drainage of surface water in Rockmead Road which, I am sureyou are aware, is in the firing line when it comes to cliff erosion particularly duringthe recent persistent rainfall this past winter. Rockmead Road has also suffered from4 water pipe breakages causing even more water soaking into the ground. The FPTcommittee, led by Issy Horsley, is talking to Southern Water as well as working withRother District Council. The time has come when ALL residents need to look at howthey are contributing to the extra water.
Southern Water will be making recommendations where we can all help.FPT cannot do all the work without your help. If you are a member of the Trust, thenthank you. Supporting the Trust, shows the authorities that residents care about theirVillage. It is easy to show your support and yes it does come down to money, but forjust a small contribution of £10 per person for 3 years your support will be seen.
A membership form will be attached to my email on FRA, please help us to help youand preserve our lovely village.
Thank youJill Lewing Membership Secretary
PS I would also like to draw your attention to The Fairlight Pathfinders Technical Report December 2022, on Fairlight focus. ( It is a long read but it is interesting.Perhaps a book at bedtime. ��

Fairlight Preservation Trust