Dear Members and Residents,

Your Committee held a meeting with Rother District Council and East Kent Engineering Partnership on Tuesday 22nd August.

The meeting was to discuss issues relating to the maintenance of the wells and pumps in Rockmead Road, and the continuation of regular monitoring, and of cliff erosion to the village.

It was a successful meeting in respect to all agreeing that there was a need for a full-service overhaul of the system. Which would increase the level of maintenance required to reduce the high-water table,  which would cause slippage – leading in the end, to loss of properties!   

Please come along to the Preservation Trust AGM at 2.30pm on Sunday, 19th November in the village hall to find out more.

If you are a member, we thank you for your continued support. If you are not a member, then I would urge you to join.  I have attached an application form, please complete and send to me.

The more members we have, the bigger the voice in discussions with RDC and other organisations!

It is only £10 pp for 3 years, – not much really, equivalent to a couple of bottles of cheap plonk. J

Jill Lewing

Membership Sec.

Fairlight Preservation Trust