To all customers, after much deliberating over the past two weeks about the fish and chip van. I have come to the decision that due to the extent of repairs and cost, that it will now be taken off the road.

I had bought another van to convert some months back, but due to work commitments have not managed to get too much done on it. The decision is now to get on with this and instead of constantly paying for costly repairs the funds can now go to the new van.

How long it will take is not known as off yet, hopefully before Christmas would be nice.
I am possibly thinking of doing phone orders for collection from the unit, as the old van is still with me and fortunately the fryer works. I am still working on the idea of this and will post on here later this week.

Please accept my sincere apologies for the breaks in service this year, as it seems to be one of those years where if it can go wrong or breakdown it has.

Thank you all for your support and hopefully normal service will be resumed asap.


Fish and chip van