Dear Resident,

I am aware of numerous complaints about the way the construction work and deliveries to the Market Garden Site are being handled. Those complaints have included inconsiderate driving and parking, deliveries in unsuitably large vehicles, mud on the road and debris in the stream.

As part of the conditions attached to the planning permission there is a Construction Management Plan. If Rother Enforcement Officers are to take effective action it is essential that all complaints are reported on-line via Rother’s website so they can be logged and actioned. Photos / videos are especially helpful. Go to –

and do not be put off by the introduction. Rother’s planning and enforcement teams are now back up to strength. I am happy to help any resident who has difficulty with the on-line forms.

Road traffic offences are a police matter and anti-social driving can be reported to the police on-line via Operation Crackdown. A photo or video is essential –

I have been in regular contact with Rother’s Enforcement Team and know that some problems have been sorted out as a result. However, the nature of the work is that the problems change from day to day as the work progresses so they must be reported as they arise.

The contractor’s Site Manager, is 07541-200509 (Piers Cowley). Please note it is not a 24 hour number.

It is worth texting or phoning Piers to try to nip problems in the bud..

Best wishes,


Cllr Andrew Mier
Southern Rother Ward
Rother District Council
The villages of Fairlight, Guestling, Icklesham and Pett

Market Garden Problems