Dear Resident,

Market Garden Site – Planning Application – RR/2022/2069/P

You are probably aware of an undecided planing application by the developers of the Market Garden Site in Lower Waites Lane.

The effect of the application would be to move two of the 16 houses 5.7 metres to the east and extend the “wildlife area” to the east and south. 

This would result in a reduction in size of “The Courtyard” which serves as a turning point for vehicles as well as an open space in an otherwise dense development. It would result in the removal of a couple of car parking places and the probable loss of cycle parking places. The storage for waste bins would be moved.

There is still time to make comments to Rother planners. Comments made after the stated closing date will be considered, though I would encourage you to comment as soon as possible

A problem has arisen about comments which refer to protected species. Such references are being redacted (blanked out) or not appearing on Rother’s website at all. This is inconvenient but in the interests of the protected species. I am assured that even where such comments do not appear on the website they will be considered by officers. Perhaps the best thing is for comments relating to protected species to be made as a separate submission from other comments and headed “confidential”. That way your comments on other aspects of the development will appear on the public website.

Comments can be made on-line at

using ref RR/2022/2069/P or by writing to The Town Hall, Bexhill TN39 3JX

I have “called in” this application, which means it will be decided by elected members of the planning committee, not by officers. The committee hearing could be as early as November. As a member of the planning committee I cannot form a settled view on the application without considering all the arguments for and against, which will include your own comments.

Best wishes,

Cllr Andrew Mier

Market Garden Site – Planning Application – RR/2022/2069/P