Dear Customers of Fairlight Post Office and Stores

Many of you will have been affected by the continual late delivery of daily newspapers to us over the last few weeks.

When Leonie and I moved to Fairlight just over six years ago, newspapers were delivered to us by 6am each day without fail. Over the last few years, this delivery service has deteriorated significantly with our supplier Menzies Distribution now struggling to deliver to us before 8.30am in the morning. These late deliveries are costing us significantly in lost custom and turnover. This is unsustainable for a small business of our nature.

Unfortunately, Menzies Distribution have a monopoly in our area and we are unable to change our supplier.

At this time, we are in discussions with our supplier and other affected local businesses to try and resolve this matter as quickly as possible. Rest assures, we are all suffering your pain at the moment.

Please continue to support us through this difficult period. We are doing the best that we can under difficult circumstances.

We would also offer our sincere apologies for any inconvenience that this issue beyond our control is causing.

Graeme & Leonie

Newspaper Deliveries