Warm Up Fairlight is going to start on Monday October 17 th

We would like to deliver a leaflet to every household in Fairlight in the next week so everyone is aware of what is happening and has a chance to come along  and join us for the whole day or just drop in for a chat and a cup of tea, or volunteer to help.

If you are able to deliver a few leaflets to local houses we would be very grateful.
It could be just a few or more if you feel able, it is just a case of putting them through the front door, or in the letterbox.

If you are able to help please e mail cllrihorsley.fairlightpc@gmail.com
or phone  or text 07803 939771 and leave a message.

The leaflets can be delivered to you for distribution

Many Thanks 

The Warm Up Fairlight Group

Warm Up Fairlight