I had a meeting with Liz Green our village Speed watch coordinator and Bob Kenward the East Sussex Speed watch coordinator to discuss the problem of speeding in the village.We went round the village and placed six official speed awareness signs in appropriate places, these signs have been logged with Sussex Police and will remain in situ for 12 weeks as regulations allow.After that time signs will be placed in other locations including Battery Hill.
If you are concerned about speeding in our locality the speed watch team will be at the Safer Fairlight event on 16 January and there will be a chance to talk to them and get more information.
If you have a few hours a month free and are concerned about speeding in the locality you could join Liz and her speedwatch team to help raise awareness of the problem and educate speeding drivers. You will receive training and support from the police.

Issy Horsley

Fairlight Parish Council

Speeding in Fairlight